Current Topics with Dr. Anderson

In this extensive interview with Emerson Ecologics Medical Educator Lisa Murray, RDN, LD, Dr. Anderson explains how the actions of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are influenced by other nutrients and antioxidants, the contexts which influence their role in inflammation, and strategies to support optimal benefit from omega 3 supplementation.

Reset Your Stress Response

Everyone needs a re-set on their stress response at times. In this show, Dr. Anderson will break down what your stress response is, how it gets worn down, and what you can do to help repair it!

Glutathione & Covid-19 : What’s the Fuss?

In this program Dr. Anderson will go into the many questions he has received about studies proposing Glutathione has a potential effect on COVID severity and possibly survival. Social Media reports have people curious as well as confused in some cases. What is Glutathione? Why would my body be “low” in it? What does it have to do with COVID-19 and its symptoms? How do I improve my Glutathione levels?

COVID & “T-Cell vs. Antibody Immunity”

In this show Dr. Anderson will discuss this topic recently in the news about immunity and COVID:

* What are these things?

* What’s the latest science?

* How does each help immunity?

* What can I do to help both parts of my immunity?

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