Viral Immune PA – MediPack

Viral Immune PA – MediPack


These Immune Support pre-packaged individual doses were designed by Dr. Anderson for his family and patients to support their immunity during cold and flu season. These include many of the supplements he has spoken about on multiple podcasts, interviews, and radio shows. Dr. Anderson made the pre-packaged supplements to be easy to take and remember, and he currently is using these himself. In each box is a 30 day supply of packs (60 packs) and you take one pack twice a day.

Product is shipped by Priority Mail (S&H cost is $18.00)

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Dr. Anderson’s Immune Support MedPacks

Below are the components and why Dr. Anderson chose them:

  • NAC: N-acetyl-cysteine is an absorbable form of the amino acid cysteine which supports proper lung mucus formation (not too thick or thin)and is also part of making the antioxidant glutathione in your body.
  • MinRex: Instead of just a large dose of the mineral Zinc, Dr. Anderson chose a source of Zinc but other critical immune minerals in one capsule. In this way, you have the benefit of Zinc and other supportive trace minerals all in one.
  • Xcellent A: This is the fat-soluble form of Vitamin A Dr. Anderson has focused on in his interviews. This is a safe but significant dose and Vitamin A supports immune and lung function.
  • Candicidal Capsules: This combination herbal supplement has broad-spectrum herbs in it that cover viral, fungal and bacterial immune support. In cold and flu season you have to make sure the “opportunistic” infections (fungal, bacterial, etc.) do not flare, and this one supplement covers many of those areas.


**Why no Vitamin C or D? Dr. Anderson knew the one supplement most people have is Vitamin C & D and they are easy to obtain. He wanted this product to focus on the heavy-hitting immune support anyone can add to their Vitamin C & D.

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Viral Immune PA Information Sheet


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