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Keto Corner

Keto Corner with Dr. Chris Duhon

Keto Corner is a once monthly episode for fellow ketonians discussing various topics specific to the ketogenic diet. Keto Corner is a forum designed to answer questions and concerns while implementing the diet. Most episodes will be informational while others will give practical advice on how to be successful in achieving nutritional ketosis.   

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Welcome to Keto Corner

In this first episode for Keto Corner, Dr. Duhon lays out the plan for the “Corner,” and gives some examples of future topics that you can expect in this series.

Dr. Duhon then gets right into his first topic: A basic foundation for everyone interested in the Keto Diet. He gives a general overview of what a Ketogenic Diet is and what it does to our bodies. He explains what separates the Atkin diet and Ketogenic Diet. What exactly is a Ketone and what does it do?

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A brief reminder from Dr. Duhon

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New Years Message

New years message from Dr. Duhon and Advanced Medical Therapies.

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