Dear AMT Patient;

It is with great regret that I must announce we have had to close AMT due to extended COVID related closures and restrictions on our practice. This is truly a tragedy for me, our awesome staff, and patients. As you have been to AMT you know that we are a very “technology” and procedure-based clinic which means infrastructure costs are high and Staff numbers to provide those services are significant. The closure has simply been something we could not survive.

This was never in my plans for AMT as this clinic has helped so many people and my desire was that it continue.

As for medical continuity of service we have in a safe HIPAA compliant medical records system with your information held privately. We can transfer your records easily to an outside provider or if you continue care with Dr. Schoen or Colvard they have full access to your records. Dr.’s Schoen and Colvard are continuing patient care (via Telemedicine for now) in their own practices. Their and other clinic contact information are below.

Supplements are still available via your patient portal and FullScript as before.

We are transferring our medical follow-up and care to the providers below who will have full access to your chart and information. These physicians and clinics have my full confidence and support.

Dr. Sandy Colvard: ​ If you email she will take over from that point.

(Dr. Colvard continues to collaborate with me and if you have not met her is a Board Certified Naturopathic Oncologist (FABNO) who has many years’ experience in both chronic illness care and cancer.)

Dr. Eric Schoen​: Can be contacted at: Phone: (206) 350-7705


For IV Therapy Support and care in the North end we are referring to Interactive Health Clinic Phone: (425) 361-7945

For IV Therapy on the East side: Alpine Integrative Healthcare  Phone: (425) 949-5961

For Hyperbaric and IV Therapy: Rainier Clinic Phone: (253) 853-8853

For IV and clinic services: (Edmonds) Phone: (425) 243-2865


Thank you, and I appreciate each one of you.

Dr. Paul Anderson

Founder, Advanced Medical Therapies​

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