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Dr. Eric Schoen, ND

Dr. Eric Schoen, ND

Originally from Nashville, TN, Dr. Schoen has a long history of seeking to understand what is at the root of optimal health and the prevention and reversal of disease. Inspired profoundly by the struggles of family members to attain excellent health and reverse disease, he discovered that there was far more to health and medicine than what society has led us to believe. Since, this has sparked an obsession with the pursuit of optimal health and the reversal of disease. Dr. Schoen makes it his personal mission to inspire patients to go beyond absence of illness and instead reach the apex of their physical and mental potential.

Since beginning his education, Dr. Schoen has made it his calling to isolate the key points that make a difference in a person’s metabolic state as it relates to the progress of chronic and degenerative disease.

Working to reverse these changes and optimize a person’s unique genetic and environmental state is his life’s mission that he executes daily with his patients and with himself.

His interests have led him to specialize in chronic infections, integrative oncology, metabolic disorders, exercise physiology, SIBO, autoimmune conditions, Men’s Health, anti-aging and physical medicine.

Ask him about his obsession with Asian cuisine, the ketogenic diet, therapeutic fasting, hiking, exercise as medicine, or cold thermogenesis for a glorious discussion!