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We offer nutritional and therapeutic infusions, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, infrared mild hyperthermia and diet as synergistic treatments to treat those who are searching for something outside standardized medicine.
All of our treatments have been created by Dr. Paul Anderson and carried out by only the best healthcare professionals trained by Dr. Anderson.

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Welcome to Advanced Medical Therapies

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Areas of Specialization and Service

AMT was founded by Dr. Paul Anderson with a specific focus on advanced therapies that he has developed over the past three decades to improve health via therapeutic synergy. With staff trained by Dr. Anderson, Advanced Medical Therapies (AMT) offers infusion therapy (IV), hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), and infrared sauna – mild hyperthermia (IRMHT).  


IV Therapy

All IVs are custom-formulated for each patient on the day of treatment, and are administered by AMT’s trained medical staff.

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can improve outcomes for the patient in many areas when standard medicine is not working.

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Infrared Medical Therapies

Infrared therapies are an effective tool for natural healing, prevention, and therapeutic benefits.     

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about this facility as a clinic?

  • It is state of the art and has the most compliant IV production pharmacy (lab) in North America.
  • It has the ability to provide the synergistic therapies Dr. Anderson has developed using IV – HBOT – and IRMHT all under one roof.
  • It has been designed with the patient experience in mind, from the processes and procedures to the technology to the formulas and protocols from Dr. Anderson.

Where do I park?

– There are three spaces in the North Lot marked for AMT visitors
– There are two spaces below the building marked for AMT visitors
– There are spaces for public use on the South Lot and local street parking
– ADA parking in the North lot

Can you bill my insurance for the IV or HBOT?

AMT is a non-contracted clinic. A receipt with all required information will be given at the time of service. You can self-submit the receipt to your insurance provider.

Who will be giving me my IV?

There are new and familiar faces. Our doctors are Chris Duhon and Eric Schoen are assisted by Amy and Sandi.

Meet the AMT Staff!

Dr. Eric Schoen

Originally from Nashville, TN, Dr. Schoen has a long history of seeking to understand what is at the root of optimal health and the prevention and reversal of disease. Inspired profoundly by the struggles of family members to attain excellent health and reverse disease, he discovered that there was far...
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Chris Duhon, ND, LAc

I grew up in a small town in southern Louisiana near Lafayette. As a young boy, I was accustomed to the freedom of country life: fresh air, quiet nights and great food. We grew our own vegetables and stocked our own meats.  I have great memories of playing in fields...
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Amy Ryan, HBOT Technician

Amy completed a course in commercial diving(which includes hyperbaric chamber operation) in 2007 and worked in the industry until 2009. She ran hundreds of surface decompressions(in hard-side hyperbaric deck decompression chambers) including treatment tables for divers who had decompression sickness. She also worked with saturation systems.This is when divers are in...
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